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If you have no sound, here is what you can check

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There is always sound on Wakatoon animations. The few times this problem has been reported by a user, the problem has been resolved by deactivating the silent/vibrate mode of the device (on iPhone, by manipulating the button above the volume control).

Please deactivate silent/vibrate mode, and possibly increase the volume.

Here's how to do it on the iPad for example:

The button on the side of the iPad allows, depending on how it has been configured in the settings:

- either activate/deactivate silent mode

- either activate/deactivate screen rotation.

It is then necessary

1 - check in which mode this button is configured

2 - if necessary, configure it, from the Settings, in “activate/deactivate silent mode” mode

3 - put it in the “silent mode: deactivate” position

Please note, the iTunes application and other online music applications will play music even in "silent" mode (this is a subtle difference between "sound" and "music"!). This is why you can change the volume of your device even in silent mode. And this is why you may have to do all of this manipulation described above even if other applications are not silent.

Finally, much more rarely, the sound may disappear if your device's memory is almost full (this should affect all your applications). Please then exit certain applications to free up memory.

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